It’s June already… and Alpha 1 Beckons

Though developers are still struggling through a stack of manual merges at this point in the cycle, it’s already time for Alpha 1. Yikes! So this week will be a little quiet. In the mean time, everyone’s trying to sneak uploads in before the freeze…

bash-completion gained a welcome feature — apt-get will now complete against library packages, so you’ll be able to type: apt-get install clutter<tab><tab>, and it will suggest libclutter. Nice!

Great to see a swish new version of virtualbox-ose land. Despite new stewardship and unwieldy product name — that’s “Oracle VM VirtualBox (Open Source Edition)” to those playing along at home — this 3.2.x release is much improved, with plenty of performance improvements and new features to enjoy.

sessioninstaller, new to Maverick, implements the PackageKit D-Bus API. Due to differing expectations about package management between the upstream PackageKit software and Debian-based distributions, sessioninstaller provides the same D-Bus API, but calls on aptdaemon (or synaptic) for package management tasks. This promises on-demand installation of packages based on user activity, such as adding a new printer or opening a file which requires additional software support — like multimedia codecs.

GNOME 3 watchers will be very pleased to see d-conf make an entrance. GConf haters will be pleased too — GNOME’s entire configuration API and storage system will soon be replaced! You can learn more about dconf and the GSettings migration on the GNOME wiki.

A minor amusement… the linux ABI version has already hit 5, while Ubuntu 10.04 shipped at 21 (and is now at 22). I’m sure there’s room for a tipping competition here somewhere. 🙂

The WebM incursion continues… shared-mime-info improves display and detection of various open media format files, libvpx was synced from Debian (replacing the Ubuntu package uploaded a few days ago), and a new release of gst-plugins-good brings WebM support to GStreamer applications (such as Totem, Rhythmbox, etc).

(Although the development branch has a habit of going quiet or going crazy without warning, it seems like semi-weekly updates — that’s twice a week, boys and girls — seems like the optimal tempo thus far.)

You stay classy, Maverick Meerkat.

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